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Microbiote Analyses Microbiote Intestinal - Buccal - Cellulaire POUR QUI CE TEST EST-IL CONSEILLE? Le bilan du microbiote intestinal se révèle bénéfique pour tout adulte de 18 ans et plus cherchant à approfondir sa compréhension des intrications intestinales, évaluer l'équilibre de son microbiote, et disposer d'outils pour optimiser sa santé. Il est particulièrement utile pour

We have certain clinical requirements that you must meet to be eligible to take this test. You will need to complete the online consent form when ordering to confirm these requirements.
To take this test you must:
  • Be away from any antibiotic therapy (approximately 2 weeks before)
  • DO NOT USE a suppository, do not take a laxative, do not take a transit slowing medication such as Imodium®, Smecta® 24 hours before
  • DO NOT CHANGE your eating habits

The information included in the kits is in no way intended to replace the relationship you have with your doctor or other healthcare professional. Before initiating, stopping or changing any treatment or medication, it is imperative to consult your doctor.

This service is of a general nature and is not intended to be a substitute for a medical examination, professional medical advice, medical advice, diagnosis or specific treatment for your health. It is strongly recommended that you always seek qualified and regulated healthcare professionals with any questions you may have regarding a specific medical condition you may be concerned with.

Our tests to understand and act

Included in the check-up

Introduction to Understanding the Microbiome.

  • Importance of the Microbiome – Influencing Factors – Health Impacts in Video.

Analysis Kit

  • Stool Analysis
  • Saliva Analysis

• Cortisol Cycle: 5 saliva tubes (collected at different times): This test is conducted to detect potential adrenal gland hyperactivity induced by stress, and to assess any exhaustion of these glands. The analysis helps determine whether the stress management system is still in an adaptation and resistance phase, or if it shows signs of fatigue, indicating a risk of burnout.

• Microbiome: 2 stool tubes (with and without stabilizer): These analyses evaluate the diversity of bacteria in your microbiome. Each type of bacteria is specifically associated with your metabolism, and ongoing research continues to uncover new correlations in this area. These analyses provide essential insights into your gut health, helping to understand how your microbiome influences overall well-being. They also identify strategies to improve your health through targeted interventions on gut flora.


  • A health assessment validated by our scientific committee
  • Your results by theme.
  • Personalized dietary recommendations


Options available upon receiving the results

Video conference with a specialized doctor. (60 minutes)

  • A health assessment validated by our scientific committee. Your test results will be discussed via video with one of our specialist doctors. Prescriptions will be provided if needed to rebalance your microbiome.

Video conference with a nutritionist. (60 minutes)

  • A nutritionist will accompany you by providing nutritional advice. Personalized support and an action plan will be offered in accordance with your results.

When should we carry out our microbiota analyses?

We carry out a complete analysis of your body using five essential tests, thus directing our teams towards the treatment best suited to your health. Our approach aims to detect the deep origins of your symptoms and to restore the balance of your microbiote as well as the proper functioning of your cells. These aspects are of crucial importance in promoting your overall well-being and contributing to your longevity.

By analyzing the microbial activity in your gut, we are able to guide you in implementing targeted dietary changes to improve your digestive health. Our advice aims to optimize nutrient absorption, promote microbiota diversity and support the health of the intestinal mucosa.

Common symptoms:

Our test provides valuable information about your energy and physical abilities by assessing the health of your cellular function. Symptoms such as fatigue, weakness, limited endurance and low resistance may signal a cellular nutritional deficit or unoptimized cellular function.

Cells that lack the nutrition they need cannot meet the body’s metabolic demands, resulting in a loss of function that is often the first measurable indicator of aging and health decline. Our analysis examines the aging of your cells and factors such as cellular stress, inflammation and mitochondrial health to identify any cellular health issues that may be affecting your energy levels and exercise performance.

Common symptoms:

The gut microbiota plays a crucial role in the development of our brain and nervous system, as well as in the regulation of neurological functions such as mood and memory. Data from our Brain Health and Mood Test is developed to give you a comprehensive perspective of how your microbiome impacts your cognitive and emotional well-being.

We analyze your microbial activity to identify imbalances affecting your brain health, mood, focus and mental clarity. Our analysis focuses on the specific microbial activities that contribute to the production of serotonin and GABA, neurotransmitters that play a critical role in the regulation of mood and anxiety. By identifying pathways, such as those that support serotonin and GABA production, we can make targeted dietary recommendations to improve your mood and cognitive function.

Common symptoms:

The information from our immune system health test is designed to help you understand the influence of your microbiota on your body’s immune response. This includes preparing your body to deal with harmful viruses and bacteria, the ability to eliminate toxins, as well as managing oxidative stress.

Additionally, we analyze your body’s ability to remove toxins from the gut, manage oxidative stress, and combat pro-inflammatory activity, which is essential for maintaining overall health and supporting your immune system. Our nutritional recommendations support your body’s alarm system and repair mechanism, helping to optimize the health of your immune system.

Common Synptoms

The intestinal microbiota plays an essential role in the production and metabolism of various hormones and neurotransmitters which notably regulate leptin, ghrelin and serotonin. Additionally, it can influence the breakdown and absorption of dietary nutrients such as carbohydrates, fats and proteins, thereby impacting energy metabolism and body weight. We evaluate active microbial organisms and functions associated with macronutrient breakdown and other digestive processes, as well as blood sugar, insulin resistance and weight control.

By analyzing the activity of your gut microbiota, we can identify any imbalances that may be affecting your metabolic health and provide personalized recommendations to optimize your diet and support healthy weight management.

Common symptoms:

Your gut microbiota plays a crucial role in regulating your body’s circadian rhythm, the internal biological clock that helps regulate your sleep-wake cycle, hormone production, and other physiological processes. It is also responsible for the production of neurotransmitters and hormones that influence your circadian rhythm, such as serotonin which regulates sleep and mood, as well as melatonin which regulates the sleep-wake cycle. Our analysis focuses on specific microbial activities that impact your body’s ability to produce and use these essential neurotransmitters and hormones. We are exploring pathways supporting serotonin production and microbial activities contributing to GABA production, both of which play critical roles in sleep and mood regulation. We also identify activities that may negatively impact your ability to fall and stay asleep, such as inflammation or imbalances in the gut microbiota that generate harmful substances that affect brain function.

Common Symptoms

Our analyzes make it possible to detect whether you have a favorable situation for certain chronic diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, depression, obesity or endometriosis. Correlations between dysbiosis of your intestine and all these diseases are now proven and attested.
Weight gain, for example, is linked to the fact that, due to certain bacterial functions, the microbiota is capable of stimulating adipogenesis. This is the formation of fat cells. It can also promote the loss or storage of energy and therefore, in this case, weight gain. Finally, an imbalance in the microbiota contributes to chronic inflammation called low-grade. It then promotes insulin resistance and makes weight loss more difficult.

Common Symptoms

A simple process

What is included


A test kit

A collection kit will be sent to your home (more information) and you will send your stool and saliva, samples by pre-paid DHL envelope to the laboratory. These samples are very simple and are explained by instructions and a video.

BODYCHECKUP is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. This policy (together with our terms of use and any other documents referred to in it) sets out the basis on which any personal data we collect from you, or that you provide to us, will be processed by us through this site.


A detailed test report on your health.

After 3/4 weeks, you will receive a complete report on the interpretation of the results of the metagenomic analyzes of your microbiota.

• This document is limited to the research and quantification of species for which there is a scientifically demonstrated relationship with certain pathologies and also for which it has been demonstrated that nutritional and/or micronutritional modifications can modify their importance.

• We deliberately do not mention species for which there is either no correlation with pathologies, or no known means of modifying their importance.


Access to an App displaying your health scores as well as monitoring advice

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As an additional option:

We take care of you

Following your analyses, take advantage of the Bodycheckup advantages in monitoring your health.

A specialized doctor will accompany you by recommending nutritional advice and prescribing probiotics, if necessary, to rebalance your microbiome and protect you against chronic diseases.

Our doctors will help you:

- Understand why certain foods considered healthy may actually be harmful to you.
- Slow biological aging by addressing activities contributing to inflammation throughout your body.
- Improve nutrient absorption.
- Enhance beneficial microbial activities such as butyrate production and vitamin production.
- Suppress harmful microbial activities in your intestinal and oral microbiome.
- Strengthen your intestinal mucosa and reduce your risk of leaky gut.
- Optimize your unique glycemic response to foods.

60-minute video consultation with a nutritionist after analyzing your microbiome. Take advantage of this opportunity to discuss your results and learn how to improve your health with our solution. Our nutritionist


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Now recognized as a distinct organ within the human body, the intestinal microbiota, formerly known as the "intestinal flora," consists of 10 trillion bacteria forming communities within the digestive tract. The composition of this bacterial ensemble is unique to each individual and evolves throughout life, highlighting the crucial importance of maintaining its balance to preserve health, given that some bacteria can be beneficial while others can be harmful.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg, as researchers have shed light on the presence of neurons in our intestines, indirectly linked to the intestinal microbiota. With approximately 500 million neurons, forming the enteric nervous system, this intestine proves to be a "second brain." These neurons constantly interact with those in the brain, transmitting various information via blood vessels and the vagus nerve.

Overall, the microbiota hosts about a thousand different species, representing a total weight of about 2 kg. This complexity further underscores the importance of understanding and maintaining the balance of this ecosystem to promote optimal health.

The interest in the intestinal microbiota has continued to grow over the past decade. Scientific studies conducted worldwide reveal that we have a symbiotic relationship with the microorganisms constituting our microbiome. This enduring and mutual biological association between the microbiota and our organism, beneficial for both parties, plays a crucial role in maintaining our digestive, metabolic, and neurological health.

Under certain circumstances, an imbalance in the composition of the microbiota can occur, characterized by an excessive or insufficient presence of certain bacteria compared to the norm, which is referred to as dysbiosis.

Evidence suggests that this disruption in the balance of the intestinal microbiota could be linked to issues such as depression, obesity, chronic inflammatory diseases, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, or certain cancers.

Therefore, maintaining the balance of the intestinal microbiota is crucial for:

1. Ensuring the proper functioning of its various functions.
2. Limiting its involvement in the development of metabolic, digestive, and other pathologies.

To achieve this goal, it is essential to know the composition of one's microbiota to detect potential imbalances and identify the possible presence of pathogens. With this in mind, we offer the "intestinal microbiota assessment," which allows for the detailed mapping of your intestinal microbiota.

The intestinal microbiota assessment proves beneficial for any adult aged 18 and over seeking to deepen their understanding of intestinal intricacies, evaluate the balance of their microbiota, and have tools to optimize their health. It is particularly useful for those who frequently undergo antibiotic treatments, as these not only affect pathogenic bacteria but can also alter "beneficial" bacteria, imposing their diversity within the microbiota. After an antibiotic regimen, complete regeneration of the intestinal microbiota can take up to six months.

In addition to genetic factors, other elements such as medication intake, smoking, stress, and environmental influences influence the composition of the intestinal flora. Therefore, if you are undergoing regular medication, smoking, or experiencing chronic stress, a microbiota test is particularly relevant.

This exploratory assessment is intended for anyone seeking to evaluate their microbiota, whether to understand potential chronic illnesses, digestive issues, lose weight, or simply maintain their well-being through rebalancing of the intestinal flora.

A collection kit will be sent to your home (+ more information), and you will send your stool, saliva, and urine samples to the laboratory using a prepaid DHL envelope. These samples are very simple to collect and are explained by an instruction manual and a video. After 3/4 weeks, you will receive a comprehensive report (example), and we will schedule a personalized consultation with a specialized physician who will interpret your results and guide you to optimize your dietary habits by recommending a tailored diet plan. A thorough medical follow-up in case of suspected detection of chronic disease, with transfer of your file to specialized doctors and communication with your primary care physician, is possible subject to your authorization.

In your intestine, bacteria coexist, some of which scientists consider beneficial for health, while others are deemed "undesirable" intestinal bacteria. Beneficial bacteria typically predominate, but certain undesirable bacteria play a significant role in the functioning of the immune system.

In the case of dysbiosis, the composition of your intestinal flora is disrupted, with an overabundance of undesirable bacteria. This situation can lead to the inability of the intestinal flora to effectively neutralize harmful bacteria from the outside. The dysbiosis index measures the balance of the intestinal microbiota in this context.

It is worth noting that a significant number of undesirable bacteria manifest in individuals suffering from inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. Therefore, researchers suggest that it could be beneficial to rebalance the scale in favor of beneficial bacteria.

Based on the results of your tests, a nutritionist will guide you to optimize your dietary habits and recommend a personalized diet plan.

This study will help you:

- discover why some foods considered healthy may actually be harmful to you
- slow down biological aging by addressing activities contributing to inflammation throughout your body
- improve nutrient absorption
- stimulate beneficial microbial activities such as butyrate production and vitamin production
- suppress harmful microbial activities in your intestinal and oral microbiome
- strengthen your intestinal mucosa and reduce your risk of leaky gut
- optimize your unique glycemic response to foods

We will also recommend, if necessary, tailored probiotics. Once we know more about the functions that require additional support, we will not only link them but also determine which strains and fibers will be most beneficial to you.

Body CheckUp analyzes the activities of your oral, intestinal, and cellular microbiome using RNA sequencing (gene expression), providing the highest resolution available of your physiology. This is a unique feature, enabling exceptionally precise recommendations!
We scrutinize the entire genetic expression of your body, allowing our artificial intelligence to analyze millions of data points, which are then associated with the specific foods, nutrients, or ingredients you need.

Your body functions as a unique chemical system. Foods and nutrients act as information guiding your body's reactions. Each individual requires a distinct set of information to function at their best. Each of our tests generates up to 50+ health indicators with personalized recommendations.

The tests are In Vitro Diagnostics (IVDD) and as such, they have been developed according to the essential requirements of European Directive 98/79/EC. This CE marking is evidence of compliance with essential health and safety requirements. We are ISO13485:2016 accredited by an independent organization.

Clinical studies are conducted on adult populations residing in France and Belgium, which is important because the microbiota has a "local" component. It is not scientifically accurate to compare the microbiota of French individuals with that of Americans, for example.

Furthermore, Body CheckUp accompanies you after the test with a consultation with a specialized doctor who will interpret and explain your tests to you.

Body CheckUp is a subsidiary of Kensington International Clinic (

Located in the Kensington district of London, Kensington International Clinic (La Maison Médicale) is an international clinic established by a group of French doctors in 2010. It features a comprehensive health center and three centers of excellence: gastrointestinal, gynecology, mental health, and well-being. The clinic has over 40 doctors and has served nearly 20,000 patients. The clinic has established the KIC ACADEMY, which works particularly in the field of microbiota and preventive cancer detection. La Maison Médicale has become a pioneer in these exciting areas of medicine, offering highly effective diagnostic and treatment programs specifically tailored to each patient.

Inspired by the thousands of publications implicating the microbiota in health and the genesis of most diseases, the LIMS-MBnext Laboratory has developed an innovative, precise, and high-performing tool for the accurate, quantitative, and qualitative evaluation of bacteria: Targeted Metagenomics, which allows for the analysis and quantification of bacterial DNA.

Lims-Mbnext is a Belgian laboratory that employs 180 people and conducted over 15 million medical analyses last year, receiving samples from all over the world. Considered the "best-equipped private laboratory in Europe," it is also the only European laboratory with the next-generation sequencer "Illumina," which enables sequencing of the intestinal microbiota within the molecular biology department.

The intestinal microbiota test is not reimbursed by health insurance. Some health insurance companies may cover this type of health service. Check the terms of your policy or inquire with your health insurance provider.

The sample tubes contain an additive or activator that needs to be gently mixed with the sample to ensure sample stability. The sample will remain stable during transport and must be returned to the laboratory on the same day as the collection. We have taken all precautions and tested various shipping conditions and temperature variations to ensure that the samples remain intact during transport to the laboratory. In the rare event of transport delays or extreme temperatures where your sample cannot be tested by the laboratory, you will be contacted by our customer service team, who will arrange for the shipment of a new testing kit.

Included in the price are the testing kit, home delivery, the DHL return envelope, the test report, and a 45-minute consultation with a doctor specialized in microbiota who will interpret the results of your tests.

The role of the intestinal microbiota in our health is increasingly known and recognized. It is now certain that it plays a role in digestive, metabolic, immune, and neurological functions. Consequently, dysbiosis, which is the qualitative and/or functional alteration of the intestinal microbiota, is a serious lead to explain certain diseases, particularly those underpinned by autoimmune or inflammatory mechanisms. This theme has become central to biological and medical research.

To learn more about the link between the microbiota and Parkinson's disease:

To learn more about the link between the microbiota and Alzheimer's disease:

To learn more about the link between the microbiota and endometriosis:

To learn more about the link between the microbiota and obesity:²

To learn more about the link between the microbiota and depression:

The Body CheckUp test is not a predictive test for disease or pathology. Only a doctor specialized in microbiota is authorized to diagnose a suspicion of disease based on the results.

The security of your data is of the utmost importance to us. We employ appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure the security and confidentiality of your information, and only share your information when necessary to provide our products and services or when we have a legal basis to do so. All samples are disposed of after analysis.

For more information about our privacy and security practices, please refer to our privacy policy and terms of service, or feel free to contact our data protection officer at